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The historical core of Bangkok where most of the tourist attractions are found just around the corner and one can walk to visit Bangkok’s most popular tourist attractions, The Grand Palace, The Golden Mount, The Temple of The Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), The Temple of The Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho), The Democracy Monument, and many other cultural sites in the Bangkok City Old Town. Hotel De’Moc offers the most convenient location and comfortable facilities for travelers to the popular Khao San Road and visitors to the famous historical places of Bangkok.

1) The Grand Palace
The Grand Palace has an area of 218,400 sq. metres and is surrounded by walls built in 1782. The length of the four walls is 1,900 metres. Within these walls are situated government offices and the Chapel Royal of the Emerald Buddha besides the royal residences.
2) The Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)
Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha), or Wat Phra Chetuphon, is located behind the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and a must-do for any first-time visitor in Bangkok. It's one of the largest temple complexes in the city and famed for its giant reclining Buddha that measures 46 metres long and is covered in gold leaf. It’s an easy ten minute walk between here and the Grand Palace, and we recommend coming to Wat Pho second, because even though the golden Buddha here is just as popular many people don’t take the time to wander around the rest of the complex so the experience tends to be far more relaxing. This is also a great place to get a traditional Thai massage. Wat Pho is often considered the leading school of massage in Thailand, so you really are in good hands here. Since December 2012, entrance to the temple costs 100 baht and you can visit any time between 08:00 and 17:00.
3) Museum of Siam a Surprising Young Museum in the Old City
While the Museum of Siam is set inside a very large neoclassical house, it is definitely not the usual display of historical artifacts and dusty mannequins you would expect to find in such an antique building.
4) Ananta Samakom Throne Hall
The Hall was built according to King Rama V’s desire but the construction was fully completed during the reign of King Rama VI. The structure of the palace is the Renaissance style designed by an Italian architect. The palace is considered to the Thai citizens. The first annual common meeting of the parliament was also held at the Hall.
Phone numbers: (662) 628-6300-9
Opening hours: everyday 09.00-16.30 hrs. except public holidays
Admission fee: Children 10 Baht, Adults 50 Baht
5) National Museum Bangkok
Originally was the personal museum of King Rama 4 with a collection of antiques and royal gifts, King Rama 5 subsequently opened the Sahathai Samakhom pavilion (Concordia tower) in the grand palace grounds as a public museum. It was then moved to the three palace buildings in the front palace (Wang Na). King Rama 7 then gave over all buildings in the front palace to be the Bangkok museum.
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 9 am-4 pm
6) National Museum of Royal Barges
The museum used to be the royal barge barn under the supervision of the bereau of the royal household and royal navy. During world war II, some of the docks and royal barges were damaged. In 1947, the bereau assigned the fine art department to repair and maintain the royal barges.  In the museum, 8 important royal barges are displayed, those are the royal narge suphannahong, royal barge anatanagaraj, royal barge anekchatphuchong, royal barge narai song suban H.M. Rama IX, kruthernhet barge, krabiprabmuangmarn barge, aruravayuphak barge, and ekkachaihernhao barge.
Phone Number: (662) 424-0004

7) Khaosan Road
This road used to be a rice trading place. These days it has become one of the most economical tourist attractions for foreigners because of moderately priced accommodation and nightlife entertainment.
Address:  Khaosan Road, Phra Nakorn
Buses:  3, 6, 9, 30, 32, 33, 43, 53, 64, 65, 68
Air-conditioned buses:  506, 516
Pier:  Banglampoo Pier (Phra Artit Pier)
Boat:  Chao Phraya Express Boat and Ferry
8) Wat Arunratchawararam (Wat Chaeng)
Formerly Known as “Wat Chaeng”. This temple has existed since the Ayutthaya period. When the King of Thonburi relocated the kingdom from Ayutthaya to Thonburi City. He determined the temple to be in royal vicinity. Housing the Emerald Buddha brought from Wiangchan. Vastly renovated in Kingdom Rama II’s reign, it is regarded as King Rama II’s individual temple. Upon its completion, the temple was royally titled “Wat Arunratchawararam” or “Wat Chaeng”. The interesting landmark is the gigantic stupa, 82 meters in height and 234 meters in width. The temple was first built in the reign of King Rama III and was completed in King Rama IV reign. Later its name has been changed to “Wat Arunratchawararam”, considered the royal temple of Woramahawihan class or formally Known worldwide as “Wat Arunratchawararam Woramahawihan”.
Phone Number: (662) 466-3167, 891-2185
Opening hours: 08.00-17.00 hrs.
Admission fee: for viewing the stupa 50 baht for foreigners
9) Wat Benchamabophit Dusitwanaram Ratchaworawihan
Regarded as a first class royal temple, it is also known worldwide as “The Marble Temple”. Its Buddhist monastery and cloister are adorned with the finest marble from Italy. It was established by King Rama V with the architectural and decorative art of the Thai craftsmanship. This sanctuary is deemed as one of the temples with the best layout. Inside the monastery houses the replica of Phra Buddhachinnarat.
Opening hours: everyday from 07.00-18.00 hrs.
Admission fee: 20 baht
10) Vimanmek Mansion
Vimanmek Mansion is an elaborate architectural style which reflects a western influence and is made of golden teak wood. Inside the mansion are displayed rooms of personal belongings of HRS Rampaipanee, Queen of King Rama VII which includes HRH’s photographs and artefacts.
Opening hours: 09.30-15.30 hrs
Admission fee: Students, monks and nuns 20 Baht, Adults 75 Baht, Foreigners 100 Baht.
11) Chatuchak Weekend Market
It is the largest Weekend market in Thailand, a shopping centre of over 8,000 outlets from every region of the nation. The market is divided into 27 projects. Merchandise groups range from home decorative items, collectables, antiques, accessories, handicrafts, furniture, pets, clothing, plants, used books, local foods, and many other miscellaneous.
Buses: 3, 8, 26, 29, 34, 44, 59, 63, 77, 145
Air-conditioned buses: 3, 26, 34, 59, 63, 77, 145, 502, 503, 509, 512, 513, 529
Opening hours: Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays 09.00 to 19.00 hrs.
MRT: Kampengpetch
12) Yaowaraj Locality (China Town)
Yaowaraj Road emerged in the reign of King Rama V and has since been a commercial zone of Chinese-Thai people. Along the road lies gold shops, stores selling imported products from China, food outlets, and the old market, a local marketing fresh and dry Chinese food. The old market is well known among Bangkokians. At night, Yaowaraj will be converted from an economy road to that of the food which is one the longest in Bangkok.

13) Ananta Samakom Throne Hall
The Hall was built according to King Rama V’s desire but the construction was fully completed during the reign of King Rama VI. The structure of the palace is the Renaissance style designed by an Italian architect. The palace is considered to the Thai citizens. The first annual common meeting of the parliament was also held at the Hall.
Phone numbers: (662) 628-6300-9
Opening hours: everyday 09.00-16.30 hrs. except public holidays
Admission fee: Children 10 Baht, Adults 50 Baht

14) Wat Traimit Wittayaram Worawihan
This holy temple was originally a people temple called “Watsamjieantai” with over 150 years of age collaboratively constructed by three Chinese comrades. Within its premises, there exists a gilded stucco Buddha image in Maravijaya, Sukhothai art in its exquisite from namely “Phra Putthatossapollayaan” Whilst it was relocated, the covered concrete was cracked revealing inside a golden Buaaha image, thus royally titled “Phra Sukothaitraimit. ” Most people call it “Luang Por Toe” or “Luang Por Wat Samjeen” by some folks.
Phone numbers: (662) 623-1226,221-9019
Opening hours: everyday 08.00 to17.00 hrs.
Admission fee: 20 Baht for foreigners for Viewing Phra Phutthamahasuwanpatimakorn (The GoldenBuddha Image)

15) Wat Saket Ratchaworamahawihan
This ancient temple has existed since the Ayutthaya period. Formerly known as Wat Saket, it was reestablished by king Rama I and was then royally titled “Wat Saket”. As for the Golden Mount, it was first constructed in the reign of King Rama III by emulating the pattern of the Golden Mount of the Ayutthaya period. Formally completed in King Rama V’s era, this holy site was royally entitled “Suwannabanpoth”.
Address: Wat Srakesa (The Golden Mount) Baanbaht, Pomprab, 10100, Thailand
Phone numbers: (662) 621-0576
Opening hours: everyday 08.00 -17.00 hrs.
Admission fee: 10 Baht for Foreigners.

16) National Theatre
The National Theatre lies in a wooden building next to Sivamokha-phiman Hall in the National Museum on Rachini Road. This is an ideal place to view the marvelous Thai performing art-“Khon” or the classical masked dance- drama usually based on tales from the Ramayana Epic. Visually stunning, “Khon”, in which performers wear extremely ornate costumes with masks and move in a rhythmical, puppet-like fashion, is highly recommended.
Show times: Sat, Sun 16.30
Tel: 02 221 0174

17) Phra Sumen Fort
Phra Sumen Fort was built in the reign of King Rama 1. It was made from bricks coated with cement in octagon-shaped. Its front side faces towards Bang Lamphu canal. The basements of the fort and the wall are made to be wide flattened based and are situated 2 metres under the ground. The size from the northern side to the sounthern side is 45 metres wide. Its height from ground to the top of Bai Sema (battlements) is 10.50 metres, and 18.90 metres measured from the floor of the upper floor of the fort to the roof of the battle tower. It is a 3-storey tower and has 3 staircases inside the fort. Also it has earthwork and a shelter that protects the ammunition.

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